Photo credit  Luis Garvan

Photo credit Luis Garvan


Hi, I’m Lauren.

I’m a wife, a mama to 2 tiny humans + fur babies to match.

On a typical day, you can find me drinking way too much espresso, lathering on essential oils, while wrapped in a cozy sweater in our sweet little town on the Maine seacoast.

Telling stories with my camera lens is one of my greatest joys.

Getting to give my clients the gift of truly SEEING themselves is my deep work.

I am on a mission to not only help the women I photograph share their mission with the world, but I am here to help them more fully embrace their own light.


When we have the courage to stand in that light…We set ourselves free.

Most days, I am the tired mama, shuffling to get another cup of coffee and prep another snack for a small human or, in all honesty, I’m counting down the minutes until my husband walks through the door to tag in on this sweet little life we’ve created for ourselves.

At the heart of all things, I’m a storyteller and finding unique ways to tell your story is what sets my heart on fire.

A lil more about lauren…

I'm a TWIN! 
(identical and yes I'm older... by 11 minutes)

I was a Division I track & field athlete at the University of New Hampshire. I did the pole vault!

I have a tattoo & want another...and another!

I have a latte problem!

I curse too much for my mom's liking and kinda like it!!!

I could eat spoonfuls of sour cream!  (My husband thinks I'm crazy and gross!)

I was born & raised in Maine, & currently live in historic York, Maine.

I am honored to tell your story…


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