Home with the Griffith Family

Emily and I met at the gym where I soon found out she was a photographer herself!  For awhile now we had been planning to exchanges service and take photos of each others families... that was 1 kid ago and now we both have two!  My how time flies!

Emily recently told me they are moving back to Minnesota... it's bittersweet for them because they love living in Maine and have found an awesome community of friends that feel like family!  

We both wanted an in-home session that wasn't full of expectations, and I thought it'd be nice to take some shots in the spots that meant the most to them... since it was the home they brought their babies home in.  

She also apologized for having such a clean home (what?!), since they had been showing it all week, it looked brand new and like nobody lived it... I told her she can come to my house anytime and decorate it, it was full of beautiful memories and after this session, many more!

You don't need stuff, or a clean or even a messy house to define what a home is, you just need the people you love in it!

"Home is wherever I'm with you." - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

A Personal Project

Who can relate with starting a project and not finishing it!  I'm totally guilty of this, almost every year!  The one thing I have learned from year to year and many unfinished projects is...

A; I have either not given myself realistic expectations or goals to hit, or

B; I really just wasn't into it in the first place!

It could be a combination of both, but I'm guessing it's usually I've put too much stress on what the project is suppose to look like and perfection has taken over instead of completion.  I recently had a conversation with my mother about this.  I don't remember the exact conversation or how it started, but the bottom line was, I found out my mother is a perfectionist and that has stopped her from starting and/or finishing many things in her life.

Perfection can be a real bitch.  I personal find perfection comes from comparison and in this social media age, especially with things like Pinterest, you can go completely mad with how something is suppose to look like.

So I was hesitate to start yet another project that I might potential fail out.  But at the same time I'm very determined to see where this one goes because I feel so passionate about the message it will send.

The photography world today is filled with a photo a day or week projects, there are self-portrait projects, black & white projects, monthly prompts, the list can go on and on... but the trend I kept seeing in my own life was that I still wasn't getting in the frame, consistently.  I have LOTS of photos of my kids and that's great, but I wanted them to see that I was there too, not just holding the phone or camera, but actually participating in whatever activities we were doing.

This is why I started the, Mama Was Here Project!  I even made an Instagram account to keep me accountable to post every single day.  You can follow me here, Mama_was_here and you can use the #mama_was_here to follow along or post your own photo of YOU getting in the frame!

I almost sabotaged my project by waiting to start on January 1st, but the goal of this project isn't to start on a certain day or about posting pretty photos or even photos just from my camera, it's about my girls... I want them each to have something of me to have for when I'm gone.  At least a book of 365 photos of me somewhere in the photo, telling them, YES, I was there too and it was great (99% of the time!)

My goals for this project are:

- to snap a photo each day (either with my iPhone or Camera)

- Post it once a day

- I MUST be in the photo (somewhere), any body part counts

- I need to snap a few portraits of just me

- have at least 1 photo with each girl

- have at least 1 photo with hubby

- bonus: try to get shots with each family member (close to us)

Easy peasy... so head over and keep me accountable!!!  I would also love to keep you accountable, starting a 365 a photo a day project or something else, shoot me a message and I would love to follow your journey!



Time is evil

Tell me, what are you going to miss the most?

When the kids leave the nest, when your parents are gone, when you move to a new house, city, state, country? 

What do you keep telling yourself that you'll remember, what moments are your completely overlooking? 

Are you getting into the frame, do you have prints hanging up on the wall, what are leaving behind for others to hold onto?

These are questions that always swirl in my head, I can't help it, I'm a photographer... photos are my life.

As I grow as an artist, my focus continues to change (pun intended), my editing is changing, my photography is getting stronger and my voice is emerging, and the one thing I have found consistent in my work, from a young age to now, is how I'm drawn to the quiet moments and moments of connection.

Those are the moments we want to hold onto and remember, it's the moments I see posted on Instagram, it's the tearful posts about motherhood and our growing babies... it's a loss of a loved one or pet... it's a peaceful sunset or sleeping child, it's in the quiet that we can reflect, and appreciation our lives.

The words that come to me are: quiet, tender, love, peaceful, truth, devotion, sincere, raw, gentle, and so on...

What is time stealing from you?  Let me help you capture it, let's connect!

My Why

Ever since I left college, I feel like I've been constantly chasing "my why."  Mostly, why am I here and what am I suppose to be doing (you know, the easy questions of life!)   It's hard enough for anyone in their twenties to completely figure out who they are, let alone know what they want to be when they grow up!

I think the only two things I knew for sure was, I didn't want to work in a traditional 9-5 job and I wanted to feel like I was making an impact on the world (in someway or another). 

For those who don't know, I have a Bachelor's in Science with a concentration in Speech Therapy, I worked in a middle school for six years and coached soccer & track while I was there.  People thought I was a little nuts for not returning after I had my first kid, they all thought I had the "dream job," perfect hours, summers off, great healthcare... but when your job doesn't light you up inside, then it's time to find something else that will.

During that time, I had fallen in love with photography again and quickly told myself that this was it, I would then become a world famous photographer (simple!) Not quite.  Raising humans is hard, raising a business is even harder, and constantly reminding yourself that you're good enough is extremely hard!  So fast forward almost four years and I still feel like I'm at square one.  Rome wasn't build in a day, right?!

But, I digress.

My main purpose for this post is to tell you that sometimes you may never quite figure out your why, or your why changes and evolves! 

It took something super simple for me to figure that out... all I had to do was get in front, yes, in front of the camera.

I had asked my friend Amber, to snap some family/maternity photos for us before baby #2 arrived.  It was totally last minute, super laid back at the beach.  I knew that I needed to get in the frame, be present in the photographs with my family. 

I didn't realize how transforming it could be for me... I blame my hormones, but in that moment I realized that my baby wasn't going to be the baby anymore.  That this would be the last time I would feel tiny kicks inside, that I wouldn't feel baby hiccups again, and I wouldn't get to hold another tiny baby after 9 months of bonding.   I realized that my hair would just keep getting grayer and we would just keep getting older.  My weight is going to fluctuate, my skin will wrinkle, and my baby's would get to older to pick up and cuddle.  (I'm crying now as I write this!)

It was in that moment that what I do is so much more than a photo shoot!  It was so imperative I have these memories documented.  I would one day wake up and send my baby's off into the world and I didn't want to forget this special time in my (our) lives! 

All I really cared about was being in the frame with my daughter and my husband, I didn't realize it would change me.

Thank you Amber...

If I can help you get infront of the frame with your little ones or big little ones, let's connect!!!