Me & You Kid

There's nothing like holding your first child.  People say that there's no way to describe it, there are no words for the love you feel in that moment... well they're right. 

But then you have a second, and you think you couldn't possibly love another in the same way... well they're right too.

Because your heart expands and grows.

The love is deeper, thicker and there you are, feeling all the big feelings (as we like to say in our family).

The first meeting is indifferent... we've been inseparable for the last 39 weeks, yet we are strangers meeting for the first time. 

In that moment, it's just you & me Kid.

And just like that... I'm a mom again.

Thank you to my husband for snapping these incredible shots. 

Chelsea | Maine Branding Photographer

Chelsea was so fun to work with, not only did I find out that she's like 2 miles down the road from me, but our conversation was effortless and it felt like we had been friends for a long time! 

She is an Anxiety & Relationship Coach, helping others make meaningful change in their lives by reducing the amount of stress & anxiety they put upon themselves.  I can totally relate to this and love that she is pursing her passion!

We took a stroll through Prescott Park in Portsmouth to capture some simple & beautiful head shots for her social media platforms, I totally suggest following her over on Facebook!  She does some incredible live videos that are a must watch.  

I'm hoping to work with her in the future to capture some more amazing shots as she starts to build her website!

If you, yourself is an entrepreneur or starting a business and are in need for some amazing head shots, I would love to chat with you!  Let's connect here!

Olivia | Maine Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I hopped on Instagram yesterday and saw that this little one is already 3 months old!!!  Check out my friend Stacy's IG page here (she is also an amzing photographer!)  As much as you try to enjoy the moment with new baby time sure has a way of making it all go by in a blink of an eye!

It seemed like all of my girlfriends were becoming mamas for the first time... I totally remember all the newness and overwhelm of what it was like to welcome in a new baby.  The beauty, the wonder, the fear, the sleepless nights, oh the sleepless nights!  I loved watching Stacy & Tony as new parents, they were so relaxed and so in love.  Not to mention they have the cutest baby's room, I really enjoyed capturing this time for them.

These are the moments you'll miss

Because you won't remember the screaming or the crying, even though the day is probably full of them (from both of you).  You won't remember how tired you were, or how many times you forgot to shower or wore sweatpants, or even the number of times you forgot to even get dressed.  You'll forget about those long days of nursing, potty training, and scramming children in & out of the car while running errands and trying not to pull your hair out.  I've said it before, the days are long, but the years are short.  You'll probably try to tell yourself you'll remember, but you won't. 

Sure, there will be times when you flash back to those early days of being a parent, scared shit-less, so tried you don't even know your own name, mourning your old self, both phsycially and mentally... but then you look down at your kid and smile.  You can't help it, because they've done or said something so incredible or insane that all that nonsense above gets shoved way back in your brain and you melt like a Popsicle. 

"I love you mama," "Mama you look so fancy", "Thanks for coming back mama, I missed you," "Mama, I love your dress," "Thank you mama," "Can I have a hug." (and so on... it kind of takes your breath away, and the moments when they scream at you to "go away" don't seem so bad).

Remember you'll cherish the chaos & weird photos just as much as the photos love and snuggles ones... so embrace all of it!

AND Remember, there are just some days where pants are really over rated...