Chubby cheeks & curls to... where did my baby go?

I think all moms can relate when our children start a new phase in their lives... my kiddo started Pre-school for the first time this month!  Yes, I know it's not September, but why does school have to start then?  Children are learning all the time and this was more a respite care for me and more social time for her!  So it's a win-win here.

(The book was all her, her first day of school! And no, it's not a dictionary, it's actually the second book of the Twilight Series...)

(The book was all her, her first day of school! And no, it's not a dictionary, it's actually the second book of the Twilight Series...)

As I watched my daughter hop off to circle time for the first time, my heart skipped a beat.  I was overjoyed that she was like, "Peace Mama," but also kind of sad knowing she'd be experiencing something for the first time without me.  I was just so use to having a little sidekick next to me 24/7, (it wasn't hard to let her go), it was just different.

I use the word different because I was trusted a complete stranger to take care of her needs, as well as discipline, teach, love, and nature her that wasn't family.  I would then have to ask my toddler how her day was, knowing there would be pieces missing, because let's face it, she's three!  I craved my own independence, but at the same time missed being in control.

I then started to notice the little details starting to fade... the small little curls that were once there have gotten straighter and someday I just can't seem to keep up with her vocabulary, her little brain seems to be moving a mile a minute... then just the other night my husband informs me that she'll probably be taller than me one day.  Great, my little baby, who I can pick up and swing around, smother with kisses and hugs will one day look down upon her own mama.  It made me sad!

You can't keep them from growing up, but what you can do is snap as many photos of them as humanly possible... (kidding, not kidding).  I believe in the power of photography, documenting your life in a way that will capture the essence of who your family was at that moment in time.  It's not always pretty, but that's life.  

Remember to jump in the frame when ever possible and if you can't seem to turn the camera on yourself, hire someone who will be able to capture the essence of your family!  Kids change so fast and you don't want to forget the little details.

NH Maternity Session

Motherhood is no joke... you can go through a gamut of emotions as well as stuff, all that baby stuff!  It can be down right overwhelming!  To me it almost feels like the calm before the storm, especially when it's your first.  You are naive to the fact that your whole world is going to change... for the good, I promise!

That why it's nice to stop for a moment, snuggle in the frame with your hubby or significant other and possibly your first babies (your fur babies).  To document this special time in your life is so important not just to freeze this moment in time, but for your little one that will one day become a parent themselves!

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of my own mom pregnant with me (and my sister), it can be a time when you want to jump in front of the camera, I get it, our bodies change so much, you might feel different or self-conscious... it's been hard for me this time around to jump in the frame (mostly because I'm tired and the thought of setting up a self-portrait makes me want to take a nap!) but trust me, you'll be so happy that you documented this time. 

Just remember to jump in the frame once the baby arrives, what I've learned from my three year old is that they LOVE looking at photos of themselves, but they love it even more when you're in them too!

Baby on Board

It seems almost crazy to say that I'm more than half way done with my 2nd (and final) pregnancy and even though it's starting to go by slowly, at the same time it's going to be over before I know it!  I've been trying to soak it in, but when you're chasing down a toddler and all her demands you kind of forget your growing a small human.

This pregnancy has been both similar and different than the first.  In the beginning I seemed like I could smell (and sometimes still do) everything!  I was like a blood hound, it wasn't pleasant at times.  I didn't really have a lot of food aversions like I did with Penelope, and at the same time not a lot of cravings.  Even though they pop up from time to time... but who doesn't like a doughnut every now and then... am I right!!

I have loved seeing my little (big) girl embraced her new little sister and gives my belly hugs & kisses!  She seems to get more excited each day; more at the thought she'll get to play with someone... but never the less she's going to be an amazing big sister!

I've definitely taken a lot LESS photos this time around.  I've been trying really hard to document this pregnancy, but it's been so hard.  Instead of weekly photos, it's usually when I remember, thank goodness for iPhones and there's usually an in-prompt photo-opt from time to time when I head the camera over to my husband (see photos below...)

My little girl,

You move and wiggle all the time (mostly at bedtime), it feels like you're swimming in a pool, you don't seem to get the hiccups like your sister did, and you're sitting very low for my liking.  I can still wear my old jeans (unbuttoned of course) but leggings are my friends.  I usually toss and turn at nighttime, while your daddy sleeps like a champ.  We are both starting to get really excited to meet you and are looking forward to life with two girls!

Our trip out west

This past October my husband and I were able to get away for a quick trip out to Seattle.  We were very excited to get back out there, since the last time together was 5 years since our honeymoon.  I had the opportunity to attend Click Away 2016 and I dragged him along for a fun escape. 

We traveled some 3,100 miles across the US and it felt like we never left the east coast.  When we jumped on the ferry to go into Seattle, it felt like just another day in Maine.  I think that's why we love being out there so much.  It was hard being away from the kiddo for that long, but it was a nice chance to recharge, have some adult conversation, take in the sites, and get some personal development in all at the same time.

There are still unedited photos from the trip sitting on my computer, but I knew I had some video clips I wanted to edit (watch my mini-video of our trip to Mt. Rainier at the end).  We weren't able to drive up to the top due to ice & wind, but we did hike up a little trail for some spectacular views... all the while thinking about not being eaten by bears.  Washington State is truly a wonder for the eyes.  There are so many beautiful things to look at, one minute you can be by the waters edge and the next be up on a snow-capped mountain top.  It just takes our breath away every time.  I hope we can go back again, and maybe this time with the whole family! 

(Considering when we returned from our trip, I found out I was pregnant...funny how that works out).