Gjeltema Family | Maine Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

There were just so many favorites from this session, it was pretty hard to choose just a hand full!  These two have their hands full, as well as their hearts.  Allison & Tom not only welcomed twins into their family, but they also have a rambunctious toddler running around too!  They are such a sweet family and you could tell how comfortable they were, pros!  

Thank you for allowing me to document this special time in your lives, I so enjoyed it!

Tips for the perfect headshot

I believe everyone should have at least ONE beautiful, creative,& simply amazing head shot!  With the rise of social media, like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, it's important to put your best foot (or face) forward!  Plus, a professional head shot with always be 1,000 times better than any selfie taken with your iPhone!

That being said, sometimes as creatives we have so many ideas racing through our heads that we feel paralyzed to even begin.  I've jotted down some tips to help with this and how to have the perfect photo session ever!

1.  Create a Vision Board!

Now this is the fun part!  You get to create and swift through all the inspiration out there and start piecing together of how you want you & your brand to shine through.  This can also be a bit overwhelming too.  Pinterest is a great tool for this.  I first suggest just pinning what feels good, what looks good, colors you love, style of clothing that speaks to you and so on.  Then you can start to swift through those photos and start to see whatfits & goes together and what doesn't... like similar colors, patterns, clothes, location, etc.


2.  Find a GREAT location!

Weather it's inside a studio, your own home or somewhere on location (beach, coffee shop, library, etc.) it needs to fit your brand.  Instead of thinking of an exact location, first think of your brand, drawn to more bold colors, or formal wear, maybe an urban setting is more appropriate.  Light, airy colors?  Think water, beach or even a studio with light colored walls.  What you wear and where you are says more than you think!

3.  Choosing a Photographer

I tend to shoot more lifestyle sessions, even with my portrait sessions.  You'll be getting a few killer portraits, trust me, but at the same time, I love "actions shots."  No, you don't have to be running or dancing, it could simply be you "working," either writing, drinking coffee, teaching yoga, painting, (whatever your craft, business, occupation is, you can re-create that through photographs).  Even simply walking along the beach, street, or window shopping can achieve this!  Movement also allows for more relaxed, natural looking photos!

That being said, do a little bit of research, look at the photographers portfolio to get an idea of their style, posing, editing, and even experience.  Do you want more studio work, look for a photographer that does that, want more lifestyle or candid shots, google that Lifestyle Portrait Photographers and see what comes up in your area!  Plus, always check out their About Page, see what they are all about, you want there to be a connection there; having your photo taken can be intimate and vulnerableexerpeience. 

4.  Hair & Makeup!

Because who doesn't like to get pampered!  Yes, I will say it out loud, professional hair & makeup is a must if you are going to invest in beautiful photographs of yourself.  Trust me, achieving a natural look does require a good amount of makeup, what looks like a lot to you, is nothing on camera!  Remind your hair/makeup artist that you only want to enhance what makes you unique and beautiful... no need to go crazy or do something new... keep it simple, but fun!

 I can i5.  What to Wear!

Now this will be different for everyone!  Everyone has a unique style (even if you think you have no style at all).  Look at your vision board, what colors, styles, fits are you drawn too?  Don't be afraid to incorporate accessories, textures, and layers into your wardrobe, don't be afraid of color either.  The biggest tip I can say is make sure your clothes fit!  When all else fails, find a shopping buddy or hire a stylist! 

Everyone deserves to look & be the best version of themselves!

Lifestyle Family Model Call

Family lifestyle model call!!

I'm seeking a few families with new little ones, under 4 weeks old (older siblings welcome!) for a relaxed in-home lifestyle session.

Limited spots available for April & May, weekend mornings.

Please inquire at laurenbodwellphotography@gmail.com.  Session is free for your participation & includes digital files.

Thank you!

Chubby cheeks & curls to... where did my baby go?

I think all moms can relate when our children start a new phase in their lives... my kiddo started Pre-school for the first time this month!  Yes, I know it's not September, but why does school have to start then?  Children are learning all the time and this was more a respite care for me and more social time for her!  So it's a win-win here.

(The book was all her, her first day of school! And no, it's not a dictionary, it's actually the second book of the Twilight Series...)

(The book was all her, her first day of school! And no, it's not a dictionary, it's actually the second book of the Twilight Series...)

As I watched my daughter hop off to circle time for the first time, my heart skipped a beat.  I was overjoyed that she was like, "Peace Mama," but also kind of sad knowing she'd be experiencing something for the first time without me.  I was just so use to having a little sidekick next to me 24/7, (it wasn't hard to let her go), it was just different.

I use the word different because I was trusted a complete stranger to take care of her needs, as well as discipline, teach, love, and nature her that wasn't family.  I would then have to ask my toddler how her day was, knowing there would be pieces missing, because let's face it, she's three!  I craved my own independence, but at the same time missed being in control.

I then started to notice the little details starting to fade... the small little curls that were once there have gotten straighter and someday I just can't seem to keep up with her vocabulary, her little brain seems to be moving a mile a minute... then just the other night my husband informs me that she'll probably be taller than me one day.  Great, my little baby, who I can pick up and swing around, smother with kisses and hugs will one day look down upon her own mama.  It made me sad!

You can't keep them from growing up, but what you can do is snap as many photos of them as humanly possible... (kidding, not kidding).  I believe in the power of photography, documenting your life in a way that will capture the essence of who your family was at that moment in time.  It's not always pretty, but that's life.  

Remember to jump in the frame when ever possible and if you can't seem to turn the camera on yourself, hire someone who will be able to capture the essence of your family!  Kids change so fast and you don't want to forget the little details.