Inspiration, new goals & the vicious circle.

It's the start of a brand new year...again.  Take a deep breath, it basically means we get a fresh start, think of it like a freaking do-over!!

So all those things you said you were going to do the year, you can now this year!  I'm not judging because there are tons of things I didn't get done, hell didn't even start, in 2015!  I want that to change this year because there are a few lingering things I really want to accomplish this year and most of them are not even photography related!

I have written down a few goals for my business this year, of course, I want 2016 to be a growth year for me, not only in profit, but meeting new people, offering more value and content, and taking more beautiful photos!

But today's post is more about what I'm going to do to help push myself to be more creative.

I feel as a creative person I am constantly seeking out inspiration, which is great, we all do it, we read books & magazines, we read blogs, we scroll through Pinterest (which is crack for women), hop on Instagram, and we confide in our girlfriends.  We try to soak up all the inspiration we can because that's what we think we need to be creative ourselves.

STOP.  IT'S NOT.  Listen, I LOVE, LOVE looking at other people's websites/blogs/Instagram feeds/you name it!  I'm a visual person and I love looking at photos and examples of what other people are doing.  It's helpful for me, especially when I don't know how to do something or am learning how to do something for the first time... HELLO, YOU TUBE ANYONE!

Let's get this straight (for the record), I am NOT A MILLENNIAL... I hate that word and the implications that you would think that.  Yes, I grew up with technology, but I didn't get my first cell phone until college and if it wasn't for my sister car accident (funny story-she's okay), we wouldn't have gotten one.  Yes, I got a computer and a tv (with a built-in VSH!) to bring to college...but I also learned how to type on a type writer and I still draft papers on paper! 

But I hate sometimes that I'm so addicted to my phone.  At least with my computer, I can physically walk away from it, and I need it to do my job, edit, answer emails, etc.  I hate I have this need to be on social media, it is so easy to just pop in and out and be like "Oh, I'll just look that up!"  Inspiration is always RIGHT THERE, IN YOUR FACE... it's exhausting if you truly, authentically want to be a creative person.

So...apologizes for the little rant, but one of my goals this year is to keep away from "inspiration," it's time to get grounded into what I like to do.  For so long I have had no idea "what I wanted to do with my life" when the whole time, I'm doing it!  Now I want it to be more purposeful and filled with things I like doing.

So before this post gets too long, I'd like to share some of the things I would love to accomplish this year to help boost my creativity!

1.  Make a quilt!  I've always wanted to do this.  I have not the slightest clue how to do this, but I'm sure I can figure it out, plus I bought a sewing machine ages ago that I should take out of the box!

2.  Project Life.  If you love the idea of scrap-booking but have no freaking time, this is for you!  I planned to do this the year my baby was born, well she's 2 now, but soon she'll be going off to college and I would love to send her off with 18 years of happiness!  

3.  Print once a month.  Project Life has two options, a digital version or print, my goal is to combined the two and get some photos off my phone.  But I would love to print a stack of photos once a month and start building family albums.  I'm going to have to embarrasses my child in front of boyfriends one day!

4.  Be a BIG GIRL... this has many layers to it.  1) I hate talking on the phone -- need to rip off the ban-aid, and pick up the phone and talk, esp. to clients, 2) I'm self-conscience about bringing my camera in public -- I would like to document more outside of my house/yard.  I just need to stop making excuses3)  Handle my anxiety to life.  4) Be more me.

5.  Do things out of my comfort zone.  How else are we suppose to grow as humans if we don't do things out of our comfort zones!  It's always scary the first time you do something!  So be on the look out for new things from me!  (i.e. video content, mentoring, traveling... the skies the limit

So 2016 will be filled with little projects and growing as a creative person, I think if I just step back and give myself some space from what others are doing and just worry about me, I will start to figure out what I LIKE and WANT, which will help me grow, not just as an artist but as a person, mom, and wife.

Thanks for listening!