The Best Present | Maine Family Photographer

Alan and Katie contacted me in hopes their little girl would come naturally, they were very optimistic she would arrive sometime around Christmas...well babies have a way of changing the plan, completely!  Just like her older sister, she turned breech and a cesarean-brith was scheduled  a week into December.  

What is it about little girls... I really think their stubborn (I mean strong-side) side comes through even before they are born.  They are always keeping their mama's on their toes!

They welcomed me into their new home (something about having a new baby pushes you to move out of your little condo in the city)... big sister was still sleeping when I arrived, and daddy had to take over as "baby whisper," it was pretty amazing to see him instantly rock that baby to sleep!

Though she wanted to see what I was doing for most of the session!

These two are such wonderful parents, there is such a ease about them (and I'm not just saying that because Katie happens to be a pediatrician).  When I asked them if they were done after this one, they both smiled and shook their heads no, "We want five" they said!!!  FIVE!!  I love it!!  I can't wait to see their family grow & grow and if they had 3 more girls, I think Alan would be over the moon!

There is just something wonderful about the holiday season and when you add a baby to the mix, it makes it 10X better!