Being Home & the New Year

Sometimes being at home, just down right sucks, sorry if that's not very poetic or lady-like, but it's the truth.  Don't get me wrong, I chose to stay home with my daughter and I stick by that choice!  But the days are be long and lonely... and confusing (with a toddler!)  And it's hard to work from home when you only get 2-3 hours by yourself, at most.

little girl sitting on the kitchen counter

I already feel behind when I step out of bed most days.  Even when I try my very best to get up and moving to have some quiet time, some "me" time, it doesn't last long.  (Of course, nothing good last long... this is why you have to enjoy it while it's happening!)  It doesn't make it any less hard or exhausting.  I feel like life is messy and cluttered... but at the same time so beautiful.    

little girl running by the window

It might look like I'm complaining here, but I think we all deserve to complain every once in a while!  Yes, I know, mindset girl...  So on days like this I try to remind myself how lucky I am...I try to write that grateful list... I know how blessed we are as a family, but it's exhausting to be happy when all you want to do is curl in a corner and stop "adulting." 

little girl sitting on the couch playing on the ipad

There seems to be so many unfinished, or even unstarted projects around here.  That quilt I wanted to make, those candles that never got started, (yeah I not much of a diy person apparently), a few 1,000 unedited photos & prints I still need to order.  Hell, even that 365 projected that partly was... all sit dormant until I'm motivated to do it.

Live now, live in the moment, be present... Right now, I just want to take a nap.  (I really am Type B!)

little girl sleeping in bed

On days like this it's so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, to go look on Facebook and scream, "whoa is me... I suck at life," I'm pretty good at that.  I long for simplicity, closer friends, more clarity & maybe a cup of coffee.

But there is some special about when your child runs up to you for no reason at all, but for a hug... or you get that "I love you mama," out of the blue... oh heart breaking and sweetness overload.  I think that when it really hurts because I created something so sweet and loving that I don't want to waste my time feeling angry or overwhelmed.  Children can truly teach us all a thing or two!

Little girl standing by the fan

So here's to hoping 2017 will bring some amazing new adventures and a good kick in the ass.

Mom and daughter hugging