My weekly 7 | Week 8

I'm pretty sure I'm off on my weeks and we're going into week 8, since I started posting my project on a Sunday... and the year didn't start on a Sunday... but who's really counting!! 

I'm just glad to be feeling better and I'm trying to be more creative.  The winter months can be tough, for two reasons really, it's 1) winter!  So it's cold, dark and miserable, although, the weather has been nice the last few days!  and 2) it's the slow season.  I get it, people don't want to take photos in the middle of winter, (I'm the exception because last year we did do family photos in January!)

The nice thing about winter is I get to practice my skills indoors and the light outdoors is still just as magically!  This week I even passed the camera over to my husband so I could be in the shot.  My absolute favorite time of day has to be after nap time.  P is so snugly and wants to sit on my lap and play with my hair (it's really the only time of day where she's quiet!)... it only last about 10 minutes or so until she fully awakes or wants a snack, but I love it.  So I quickly asked my hubby to grab the camera and snap some shots of us.  He did so well, I'll be framing this one!

I jumped in front of the camera a few times this week because I'm starting to realize how important I am and HELLO, I was there too (like all the time!)  I want something to show for it!

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