My Weekly 7 | Week 9

I've been experimenting more, trying to navigate who I am as a photographer. & artist.  I feel like this is a constant struggle, battle, journey, whatever you want to call it (positive or negative), but there is one thing that I do know... I will always be curious, my parents instilled in me a life of constant learning, growing, always learning and changing.  Which I hope to instill in my own daughter.

If you don't like something, either find out why and change it or move on to something else.  I really think it's okay to "quit" something if it truly doesn't bring you joy, but if you "quit" before you have decided you don't like it, then you haven't even tried. 

I'm hoping for more consistency in the day to day in hopes that I will figure this out and be able to move forward in creating beautiful work.  That's all I really want to do is make beautiful pieces of art for people to enjoy and cherish for the rest of their lives.

So here's to new adventures, new endeavors, new challenges... just new things!

Lauren BodwellComment