My Weekly 7 | Week 6

I can't take credit for the last picture of the week, thanks to my lovely husband for capturing my special day for me (since I didn't even take my camera out to document my birthday!)  Thank goodness for iPhones!

"What they don't understand about birthdays and what they never tell you is that when you're eleven, you're also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one. And when you wake up on your eleventh birthday you expect to feel eleven, but you don't. You open your eyes and everything's just like yesterday, only it's today. And you don't feel eleven at all. You feel like you're still ten. And you are—underneath the year that makes you eleven."    -“Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros.

I don't feel 32.

Lauren BodwellComment