Happy Bunny Day!

I know Easter is so much bigger than candy and playing outside (finally!).  I was raised Catholic, I know what it's all about... but what I believe in right now is family and continuing or starting our own family traditions.  Isn't that what God is all about anyways, believing in something more than just yourself (either a higher power or your family).

Easter coincided with Maine Maple Sunday, and the weather made it perfect for us to finally get outside and explore our surroundings.  Since P has been so excited about animals these days we thought it'd be fun to check out one of the local farms.  Even though we weren't there long enough to sample the syrup, my hubby was gracious enough to stand in the long line for some maple donuts!

I have to say too, Easter as a child kicks butt!  Easter egg hunts, basketball, bounce house, eating tons of junk food and running around like crazy people with cousins is the life!

It was all fun to watch!

Lauren Bodwell