Amber | New Hampshire Portrait Photographer

I'm so behind on blogging and I know of all people this girl will understand!  Amber has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone with photography and really get serious on shooting Personal Branding Sessions. 

This is what she does though, she pushes, inspires, and breaks down barriers for those entrepreneurs to pursue their passions in life.  She 110% believes we are all here to do the things in life that makes us sing!  I'm so fortune to know this chick, not only do I get to work along side her, but our daughters are the same age, so we both get to watch them grow into beautiful little people!  What a special gift in life!

If you haven't heard about her already, go check out her website, Amber Lilyestrom, she's doing some amazing things over there, such as recording a Podcast, to setting up the Soul Fueled CEO Academy, a 12 month program pack full of great information about branding, business, mindset, private coaching and even a live event!  Go check it out here!

She is an amazing wife, mama, her own soul-fueled CEO, and my soul-sister!

Her session was at her beautiful homestead, in the middle of a snow storm... yes, you heard that right, (thank you New England!)  It was hands down magically!