Keep learning and you'll keep growing

I call myself a life-long learner.  Not sure how old I was when it hit me, but I remember I was riding in the car with my father and he made a comment about how we shouldn't stop learning.  I'm not sure what we were talking about, maybe we were listening to NPR, or I made a crack about how school sucked that day... whatever it was, what he said has always stuck with me.

If you learn nothing else in life, take away this one important lesson, NEVER STOP LEARNING... there are so many things to learn and figure out, especially when you leave school... nobody is telling you want to read or write about, it's all your choice!  Invest in yourself!  If you want to take an online class photography, go for it; if sewing is up your alley, do it... whatever it may be, I think you should, no YOU NEED to pursue it.  So what if you have a "day job," do you love it, is it something you want to do and keep doing?  Then do it well and have fun at the same time, maybe you'll meet some awesome people and learn a new trick or technique!

I've never felt bad investing in myself (well, maybe a little, that's just because I LOVE to learn and some of it's not free!)

But I had the opportunity to sign up for a Video Storytelling course through Everyday Films , I had been waiting to take this course for about 6 or so months and just couldn't wait.  I have always been fascinated with film and video... I grew up watching & re-watching my favorite movies, I can still recite most of the lines and there is just something about movie scenes to music.  Its just magically, it takes you away from the everyday and brings you in for, even only a moment, to something new and different (hints why some people love reading books!)

Well, Emily, who teachers the course is amazing.  You can feel her energy and hear the passion she has for the family films she produces.   She told us her only hope is that we fall in love with video... yup, DONE!  I just loved soaking in all the history and information she has to offer.  I totally recommend taking her course!!!

It was totally a hands on workshop, we all had to present a final project by the end and even though this was my very first go at video... I can't wait to do it again!

Enjoy my Family Montage!

Lauren Bodwell