You're Freaking in it!

One of my girlfriends went live today on her Facebook talking about the ups and downs of motherhood.  Specifically about sleep and how in the world she was suppose to get her little one to sleep and stay asleep without losing her own sanity.  She's freaking in it!  She was looking for Mama support; thank god for the internet these days (yes it can be good & bad), but to be able to reach out to other mamas around the country, hell, the world is pretty darn amazing!

I jumped in and gave my two cents and then realized, I'm freaking in it too!  We're ALL in it!  It doesn't matter if you are newly pregnant with your first, or just popped out your 5th kiddo... we're freaking in it.  I don't care how you look at it, once you start taking care of another human (husbands not included here)... then you're freaking in it!

I remembered thinking, 'How the hell am I suppose to take care of a little human, when I can't even keep a damn plant alive!'  No joke here!  We put a whole lot of pressure on ourselves, which is completely normal.  We think, 'People have done this before...' so there must be an easier way or some kind of road map or guideon how to do this shit... but when you dive deeper into it... the clear answer is NOPE! 

Everyone says the same thing... IT'S FUCKING HARD and the FUCKING BEST THING EVER! 

Ummm... yup!  Kids, newborns, toddlers, teenagers, hell adult children (me), are strong-willed, know how to push our buttons, they are sweet and loving, they humble us and bring out the best in us... and at the same time they can be real assholes... they're like little drunk people, happy one minute, crying the next!  It's complicated!

But I hope we can all agree on one thing... that we are just freaking in it!  Where ever you are in your Mama journey, you're just ALL IN!

So I think there is only one we can do about it... JUMP IN, head first and try to swim, tread water for a while, ask for help, read books, fuck the books, phone a friend... and when all else fails, call mom.

In the meantime...find a closet to hide it in every once in a while, go out with girlfriend... spend time with your husband - go on vacation if you have too... but take pause that you're doing just fine, be in the moment, and remember you can sleep when you're dead.

Lauren Bodwell