Summer Challenge | Fearless and Framed

Summer is a magically time of year and if you ask anyone they will probably tell you summer is their favorite season! 

What's not to like, swimming, going to the beach, ice cream, BBQ's, drive-ins, staying up late, and sleeping in!!!  It's the perfect season to be a kid!  (or a big kid!)

Also, it happens to be a great season to take family photos, the light is amazing, the weather is nice and people tend to have more free time.  But what most people don't realize is they don't need to get all gussied up and then stress out about everyone smiling for that one perfect family photo... to use, what for your Christmas card?  There will probably be some argument or tears before hand about not wanting to wear something or heaven for bid all the kids need to wear matching outfits.

Can I tell you a secret... it doesn't have to be like that!

I jumped out of my comfort zone, if any of you know me, I have always felt uncomfortable taking my "big girl" camera out in public.  Well I took on the 7 Day Storyteller's Challenge from Fearless and Framed this past week to discover how to make my photo stories stronger!  Big girl pants ON!

We all know how summer is suppose to feel, smell, look like and taste like, sure, we all need that one "perfect" family photo, but it's the experience we want most... SO WHY NOT CAPTURE THAT!  

What is your favorite memory of summer, present or past!!!???

Can you guess what ours is?!

Lauren Bodwell