A Celebration | Portland, ME Family Session

I feel like I've been in limbo for sometime (like a long time...) and as an artist that can be a troubling place.  Like with any artist, writer, painter, or creative-type person (like all of us), we NEED to fill like we are doing what we love and not just doing to do. 

I've been in this sort of transition of what kind of photographer I'm really suppose to be and not what I should be.  I needed to know what spoke to my art as a photographer and WHY was I even doing this in the first place.

Well this session opened my heart... no, correction, broke it open!  When I got the call from Seth, I just assumed this would just be one of those ordinary portrait sessions.  His dad was turning 70 and he wanted to surprise him with some photos of all the siblings together. 

What I didn't expect was how transformed I would feel afterwards.

When I first walked up to their home (their childhood home too!), they were all sitting around, shoot the shit... I wasn't entirely sure what I was getting myself into... but then Lee introduced himself and brought out his Ukulele and the rest just unfolded.  I laughed a lot, heard stories of their home, observed their personalities and just listened to their story.

It was after their session that I found my reason for WHY I'm a photographer. 




Everyone has a story and when you peel away the layers, that's when I'm able to completely tell the story and capture the best photographs.  I learned that this was the first time they had all been together since their mom had passed (7 years), what an honor to capture this special time.  I learned Lee use to be a lawyer and now is an elementary school teacher (which suits him so well), I found out that this was their childhood home and could definitely tell which sibling was the oldest and which was the youngest, and which was was the clown!

This family has changed the way I see & take my photographs.  For that I am grateful.