A day in the park | Home Movie Session

I was so so so excited when Danielle asked me if I would do a video for her family!  Any opportunity in which I can grow my skills with video I will take and when there's a baby involved... win-win!

I met Danielle in college, we both ran track for the UNH Wildcats!  Go Blue!  Her son Cam just turned 6 months and because time is fleeting and kids grow WAY too fast, she thought it was time to freeze this moment in time.  Besides the Tropical Storm-like winds and chilly like conditions, it was a lot of fun! 

In 5 years from now, looking back on this season of your life, what are the things you'll always want to remember... (I dare you to sit down and write a list...)

What if you had a photo or a even video of this moment?


Lauren Bodwell