Print your photos already!

I think everyone, including me, is guilty of keeping our photos hostage either on our phones, on our computers, hard drives or yell, even in shoe boxes and I have a few framed prints sitting in boxes because I just don't know where to hang them!  Well this ends now!

For starters, just buy a few fun albums at Michael's, Target, or even Walmart, grab those shoe boxes full of prints and have a party!  Pour some wine, grab your spouse and go down memory lane.  I would arrange by year just because it's the easiest!  Go one step further and try scrap-booking or Project Life!

As for those framed pieces, just find a wall and put them up already!  I've been doing this at a snails pace, but it's getting done!  I already have plans for our upstairs hallway wall, which has been blank since we moved in (Nov. 2014).

I would love to tell you that I'm crushing my printing goal this year, but the truth is I'm not (sad emoji face - with tear).  I haven't even been able to complete our honeymoon photo book for my husband's birthday (sorry honey), we got married in 2011... What I have been doing though, is editing all my favorites and making sure they are print ready when that time comes to buy prints!

I wanted to throw out some easy solutions for this and make it easier for you to get your prints off your phones & computers (because we need more room for more photos & videos!)


Where to begin?

First, make a folder either on your phone or computer each month of your favorites!  I label my photo folders by Year, Month, Date/Activity.

Second, decide WHERE & WHAT you want printed.  4X6 prints are best for loose albums, 5X7 and up are great for walls, I suggest varying the sizes and making a cool collage! 

Third, when in doubt, make a PHOTO BOOK!  Photo books are great for telling a story, for example, your vacation, your recent family session, your Disney trip, etc...

Lastly, your photos are doing you no good if they just sit, rotting away on your devices!  Not every image is going to be a winner, but then again, they don't have to be!

Some of my FAVORITE companies:

1.  mpix - where I tell my clients to print from if they don't go through me.  Professional quality prints and great customer service!

2.  Artifact Uprising - I use this one most of the time!  Great 1 stop shop!  They have beautiful framed prints, photo books, calendars, & holiday cards!  Print straight from your iPhone with their app!  Home made, grass roots company, environmentally conscious, working hard to provide awesome products!

3.  Social Print Studio - Great for Instagram photos, cute photo books, calendar and magnets!!!  I have all kinds of magnets!

4.  Persnickety Prints - I haven't used them yet, but I've been following them on Instagram and really want to try them!  You are able to print spreads with them, such as for Project Life.  If you are a big Scrapbooker, then you know what I'm talking about!

There are so many other companies out there to try, you can't go wrong really, just as long as they don't live on your computer or phone forever!  Plus, always remember to ask your own professional photographer about their labs and products!!!  I use a professional lab for all my printing to insure the best quality for my clients & me!

Other companies:
- Blurb
- Chatbooks
- Printbooks


*  I wasn't paid by any of these companies to say these things, I just really love the products and wanted to share them with you!!!