This is us | Document your Everyday

Okay, who watches This Is Us???  It has become my new favorite show (behind the Bachelor of course... just kidding... no I'm not, unfortunately).  For a girl who grew up watching Thursday night TV more than anyone in her family found a new show on NBC!  I was a huge ER fan (love me some George Clooney!!!)  My husband and I have this measure of how well we love a show, there's a low TSOP, or Time Spent on Phone... where you are so engaged and focused on the story of the show, I'm happy to report, this is one of those shows!  (Game of Thrones is our #1).

I think, for me at least, finding a great TV show or movie for that matter is about more than just getting to the know each character, their individual personalities; it's also about the flow of the show, the twists and turns and unexpected coincidences that happen.  I love intertwining story lines within one show, it's almost like reading a book.  It keeps the show exciting and gets your emotions running on high.  You can relate to these characters on some level and that's important when A) you want your viewers to come back each week, and B) it's not boring to watch!

Well this past episode was almost a coming full circle episode, meaning we got to see Episode 1 played again but through another perspective.  What I loved most about this particular episode was that it was Jack's birthday (played by Milo Ventimiglia -- any Gilmore Girl fans!), and instead of being dragged to the golf course to escape from reality, he decided to buy himself a video camera and race back to his very pregnant, very hormonal wife.  I thought it was beautiful, here's a man on the verge of becoming a dad of 3, all at once, and he his first reaction was how he didn't want to miss out on anything.   Documenting these precious moments in their life, happy, sad, miserable, scary, exciting, or whatever was more important than a day on the golf course.  (FYI:  I married a man like this... so it made my heart melt watching this).

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, except for there will be moments in your life that you think aren't special or significant... like when you're 3 year old is screaming at you for the 15th billion time and their needs & wants are so grand for you to handle... but come to find out many years later (or even moments later) those are the moments you think back on and wish you had a photo to hold or a video to view.  Because that is real life.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!

The days are long these days and the last thing from my mind is picking up my camera... I've been having a love/hate relationship with photography.  My husband says it's because I'm too hard on myself, I think he might have a point.  Instead of looking at my art as a part of my everyday life and loving the elements within I've been focusing so hard on the technically side & even the "popular side" of getting Likes or validation from others that it's good enough, that I'm good enough. 

Well, this is us...

But I love documenting my everyday, and I'm going to try even harder to do it everyday and even jump in the scene from time to time.  I would also LOVE to help you be present in your own photographs.  Embrace all of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly because I promise when you look back on this time, you'll love all of it!  If you are interested in a Day in the Life session or even a video session, contact me for more information! 

Lauren Bodwell