My Word of 2017

I've spend way to much energy on negative self-talk to the point I don't even know I'm doing it anymore.  Well it's time to value myself in the scene that I'm doing a great job in all facets of my life.  I need to value my worth as a mother (I'm doing a fucking great job!), I'm a great wife, even though I don't give as much as my husband does.  I need to value my art as photographer & creative.  I need to value the things I have around me, our beautiful home, my family, my health, and even value the things I buy... clothes, makeup, household products, food, etc.  I also need to value my time and pin-point the things that are working for me and the things that just really aren't!!!

All and all I need to cut myself some slack and give myself a whole bunch of credit and value me!

I would LOVE to know what your word of 2017 is!  It's a helpful reminder to us all to keep us on track to achieving our lifelong goals!