Time is evil | Maine Family Photographer

Tell me, what are you going to miss the most?

When the kids leave the nest, when your parents are gone, when you move to a new house, city, state, country? 

What do you keep telling yourself that you'll remember, what moments are your completely overlooking? 

Are you getting into the frame, do you have prints hanging up on the wall, what are leaving behind for others to hold onto?

These are questions that always swirl in my head, I can't help it, I'm a photographer... photos are my life.

As I grow as an artist, my focus continues to change (pun intended), my editing is changing, my photography is getting stronger and my voice is emerging, and the one thing I have found consistent in my work, from a young age to now, is how I'm drawn to the quiet moments and moments of connection.

Those are the moments we want to hold onto and remember, it's the moments I see posted on Instagram, it's the tearful posts about motherhood and our growing babies... it's a loss of a loved one or pet... it's a peaceful sunset or sleeping child, it's in the quiet that we can reflect, and appreciation our lives.

The words that come to me are: quiet, tender, love, peaceful, truth, devotion, sincere, raw, gentle, and so on...

What is time stealing from you?  Let me help you capture it, let's connect!