How do you want to feel?

Photo shoots are scary, no matter how many you've done... the camera can instantly make the strongest, weak at the knees.  It's a mirror, it shows us all our little imperfections... if we let it.

I'm learning too.  As a photographer, the more I prepare myself and my clients, the better the outcome!  Being a a former athlete, I should already know this; practice makes perfect... but as I grow old, I forget lots of stuff!

I heard this quote recently and it was so powerful I wrote it down as a reminder:

Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.
— One Thousands gifts

What does the word practice mean to you?  Maybe sports come to mind or  when we are learning something new, especially when we are children... the ABC's or a new math problems... but this quote is so true it fits in some most any part of our lives.

Like I said, I'm learning that I need to be better prepare for my clients so they can rock their photo shoot!  Not just with things like what location, or what they should wear, but how they want to FEEL!

How does one prepare for this? 

I make my clients list at least 10 words (adjectives) about themselves & their brand.  Once they have made that list, I then tell them to start pinning images that describe those words. 

Through this process, I've learned that in order to get some really unique and amazing shots, I must dive even deeper into those words and how they make them feel.

HOW do you want to feel... but WHY do you want to feel like that, and WHAT does that look like? 

Then we can start creating and having fun! 

Which is my favorite part!

How do you want to feel at your next photo shoot? 



Rock 2018 with a kick ass photo shoot! 

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