Our trip out west

This past October my husband and I were able to get away for a quick trip out to Seattle.  We were very excited to get back out there, since the last time together was 5 years since our honeymoon.  I had the opportunity to attend Click Away 2016 and I dragged him along for a fun escape. 

We traveled some 3,100 miles across the US and it felt like we never left the east coast.  When we jumped on the ferry to go into Seattle, it felt like just another day in Maine.  I think that's why we love being out there so much.  It was hard being away from the kiddo for that long, but it was a nice chance to recharge, have some adult conversation, take in the sites, and get some personal development in all at the same time.

There are still unedited photos from the trip sitting on my computer, but I knew I had some video clips I wanted to edit (watch my mini-video of our trip to Mt. Rainier at the end).  We weren't able to drive up to the top due to ice & wind, but we did hike up a little trail for some spectacular views... all the while thinking about not being eaten by bears.  Washington State is truly a wonder for the eyes.  There are so many beautiful things to look at, one minute you can be by the waters edge and the next be up on a snow-capped mountain top.  It just takes our breath away every time.  I hope we can go back again, and maybe this time with the whole family! 

(Considering when we returned from our trip, I found out I was pregnant...funny how that works out).