Baby on Board

It seems almost crazy to say that I'm more than half way done with my 2nd (and final) pregnancy and even though it's starting to go by slowly, at the same time it's going to be over before I know it!  I've been trying to soak it in, but when you're chasing down a toddler and all her demands you kind of forget your growing a small human.

This pregnancy has been both similar and different than the first.  In the beginning I seemed like I could smell (and sometimes still do) everything!  I was like a blood hound, it wasn't pleasant at times.  I didn't really have a lot of food aversions like I did with Penelope, and at the same time not a lot of cravings.  Even though they pop up from time to time... but who doesn't like a doughnut every now and then... am I right!!

I have loved seeing my little (big) girl embraced her new little sister and gives my belly hugs & kisses!  She seems to get more excited each day; more at the thought she'll get to play with someone... but never the less she's going to be an amazing big sister!

I've definitely taken a lot LESS photos this time around.  I've been trying really hard to document this pregnancy, but it's been so hard.  Instead of weekly photos, it's usually when I remember, thank goodness for iPhones and there's usually an in-prompt photo-opt from time to time when I head the camera over to my husband (see photos below...)

My little girl,

You move and wiggle all the time (mostly at bedtime), it feels like you're swimming in a pool, you don't seem to get the hiccups like your sister did, and you're sitting very low for my liking.  I can still wear my old jeans (unbuttoned of course) but leggings are my friends.  I usually toss and turn at nighttime, while your daddy sleeps like a champ.  We are both starting to get really excited to meet you and are looking forward to life with two girls!