A New Life | New Hampshire Maternity Session

Motherhood is no joke... you can go through a gamut of emotions as well as stuff, all that baby stuff!  It can be down right overwhelming!  To me it almost feels like the calm before the storm, especially when it's your first.  You are naive to the fact that your whole world is going to change... for the good, I promise!

That why it's nice to stop for a moment, snuggle in the frame with your hubby or significant other and possibly your first babies (your fur babies).  To document this special time in your life is so important not just to freeze this moment in time, but for your little one that will one day become a parent themselves!

I don't think I've ever seen a photo of my own mom pregnant with me (and my sister), it can be a time when you want to jump in front of the camera, I get it, our bodies change so much, you might feel different or self-conscious... it's been hard for me this time around to jump in the frame (mostly because I'm tired and the thought of setting up a self-portrait makes me want to take a nap!) but trust me, you'll be so happy that you documented this time. 

Just remember to jump in the frame once the baby arrives, what I've learned from my three year old is that they LOVE looking at photos of themselves, but they love it even more when you're in them too!