Three Days Old | Maine Newborn Photographer

It doesn't matter how many babies I photograph, you always forget how small and precious they are at the beginning.  I got to meet this little guy three days after his birthday!  Tamar and Rob invited me into their home, I instantly felt like we were old friends.  They are both entrepreneurs themselves; Rob is a musician and Tamar owns her own business (Inner Truth Massage - PS, it's amazing!)

Tamar was such a rock star, not only was her little man 2 weeks over due, but she also had a beautiful home birth.  Her strength and power just radiated throughout the session, not to mention as a first time mama, she was cool, calm and could swaddle like a boss!  Yes they were both tired, but it didn't matter because he was finally here.

There is nothing better than a baby on your chest, close enough to kiss and smell... and oh boy, those little lips!