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I met Ryan while I was pregnant with my second at an event for Entrepreneurs to mingle and connect.  We got to talking about babies, and come to find out she told me she was a postpartum Physical Therapist.  From there I basically vomited up my traumatic birth story and she simply just looked at me, gave me a hug and told me she could help my body figure this whole thing out again.  She was a light from heaven and really good at what she does! 

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We later connected again when she found out she was having baby #2!  She really wanted some photos of him soon after he was born.  Birth is such a funny thing, in the moment it feels like its going by so slowly and once the baby's born, the chaos of visitors and breastfeeding consume you.  It's so easy to forget to capture the quiet, tender moments of motherhood. 

Not only did he arrive on my own Birthday!!  But I got to visit him 12 hours after his birth.  Ryan looked fantastic and strong, she amazed me as she talked about her beautiful home-birth and how quickly he came. 

There were lots of little baby noises, proud big sister moments and of course, lots & lots of snuggles. 

Lauren Bodwell