Gwen | Personal Branding Session Portsmouth, NH

When I jumped on a call with Gwen I had no idea how alike we were! Not only were we both obsessed with our essential oils, both moms of two little girls, we also discovered we basically have the same undergrad degree (she went on to get her Doctrine in Audiology) and believe so much we can do more working for ourselves than in a typically 9-5 job.

Gwen is a Transformational Goal Coach, Aromatherapist, & Aroma Freedom Practitioner. She helps entrepreneurs let go of their limiting beliefs and get what they desire. We bet we had so much to talk about on our photo shoot!

She was so fun to work with, her energy was amazing, she’s funny, easy to talk to and it was so fun getting to pick her brain. This photo shoot helped me see why my art is so important.


• Photos can help you highlight the parts of that story you want to tell.

• Photos give you the confidence to put yourself out there.

• Photos also help to create a cohesive looking brand on social media and will completely transform your website.

You can check out Gwen’s website here!

Hair by Jessica Todd Salon

Makeup by Kristin Iarrusso James

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Lauren Bodwell