Motherhood is beautiful and...

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It's been one of those weeks in motherhood that just so happens to coincide with womanhood... so it makes everything that much harder. Forgive me for being forward, but there isn't enough wine and/or clary sage (aka essential oils) out there to help.

Motherhood is beautiful... and hard, crazy, chaotic, exciting, boring, lonely, fun, and everything single adjective in between.

I write this after putting the sweetest, squishy little girl down for her nap. Of course she put up a fight with some tears because mama was warm & safe. She doesn't know the pull I feel about "needing" to work and having "space" away from her. While at the same time wanting to cuddle her 1000% times more.

She's still so little, and yet getting so big.

I'm probably not going to have anymore children, so everything I do with her will be the last. Last time breastfeeding, last time in diapers, last time cuddling... you get it. Cue the tears… it's okay, I'm crying too.

The days are long, but the years are short.

If your eyes just rolled out of your head, I'm with you. The days are so long, but we don't need anyone reminding us of this. We know our babies are getting bigger... Seriously, the next time someone tells you that, it truly is okay to just punch them in the face! (kidding, not kidding)

You know, motherhood doesn't look too much difference from when our mother's were mothers. You can blame technology, but the same expectations & burdens are there. Placed upon us either by society or ourselves. It's all still there.

Mother Teresa once said, “Do small things with great love.”

Motherhood is just that… doing the little things throughout the day, many that go unnoticed to the outside world.

To your children, you are an alarm clock, a hair dresser, a play-date, a safe haven, a warm embrace, a voice of reason, a jungle gym, a teacher and a friend…but you will always be mom.

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Lauren Bodwell