"If i could tell the story in words. I wouldn't need to lug around my camera."

- Lewis Hine


The Family

I am married to my best friend, Ian, literally, we were friends for 6 years before we started dating!  Penelope or "P," as we like to call her our little sour patch kid... you know, "at first she's sour, then she's sweet!"  She is strong-willed, curious and could talk your ear off!  We just had our second little girl, Piper who worships the ground Penelope walks on!

These three ground me and I couldn't ask for a better support system!  As long as I can remember, photography has been in my life and documenting always in my blood.  You will definitely see these three up on my blog for they are my inspiration and why I document the everyday!

Hi, I'm Lauren!

I’m a wife, a mama to two tiny humans... plus 3 fur babies!  On a typically day you can find me drinking way to much espresso, lathering on essential oils, probably barefoot because I can't find my slippers, & wrapped up in a cozy sweater. 

If it’s not raining or snowing, we are playing on the beach, eating mounds of gold fish or playing Candy Land for the 50th time... but realistically we're vegged out on the couch watching movies!

Did you know...

I'm a TWIN!  (identical and yes I'm older... by 11 minutes)

I was a Division I track & field athlete at the University of New Hampshire.  I did the pole vault!

I have a tattoo & want another!

I hate spiders...

I have a latte problem!

I have a HUGE sweet tooth.

I swear too much for my mom's liking!!!

I could eat spoonfuls of sour cream!  (My husband thinks I'm crazy!)

I have a habit of twirling my hair... My daughter does too!

I was born & raised in Maine, & currently live in historic York, Maine.



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